Home - is where I want to be / But I guess I'm already there /I come home -
she lifted up her wings /
Guess that this must be the place...
- Talking Heads, "Naive Melody"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scrum spreads

Looks like a second development project where I work is adopting Scrum. This will be interesting. The one I'm on is a small, internal project--we're working on something important (I think), but since it's internal it's low profile, and the team is very small; a good environment for experimenting. The new Scrum looks much bigger, and it's got real deliverables (that is, things that make money).

I really want to like agile methodologies, but I remain skeptical about the ability of most people to use them effectively. There's a mindset and a degree of self-discipline involved that I suspect will be hard to come by.

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