Home - is where I want to be / But I guess I'm already there /I come home -
she lifted up her wings /
Guess that this must be the place...
- Talking Heads, "Naive Melody"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Local Food? Eggs and Asparagus

I was Googling this morning, trying to come up with the name of an area farm to see what their Web site might say about the upcoming season--they come to our farmers' market in Worcester, and for the life of me I couldn't remember the name. Imagine my surprise when my searching for family farms turned up Pete & Gerry's eggs.

I've bought them before, but I always assumed (cynically) that the packaging was a front for the usual factory farm shenanigans. If that's the case, all I can say is that they're really going all the way with the Web site, hitting all the right buttons for liberal foodie-wanna-bes like yours truly.

They are expensive eggs, mind, and I probably won't buy a dozen to decorate for Easter, but maybe I can use them for April's supper club. (Still trying to think up an idea here. Make my own egg noodles? That would certainly stretch the old culinary muscles.)

I eventually found the site I was looking for: Cook's Valley Farm. Looks like no local asparagus until May at the soonest. I have tried not to buy it at the supermarket all winter, but now that it's March I find that I can't resist, even if it is from Mexico.

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