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she lifted up her wings /
Guess that this must be the place...
- Talking Heads, "Naive Melody"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mobile Post - Supper Club Ideas

I'm going to use this to keep track of the ideas we've already used, and those we might want to use in the future, and will bump the post up as needed.

Future restaurant suggestions:
111 Chop House
Sole Proprietor
that Italian place that is run by the same people

For future use:
Derby Day
April Fool!
Mother's Day
Starts with __ (Letter)
Ice Cream
Italian (non-Tuscan)
non-theme (host picks a main dish)
Movie theme
Herb/Spice theme (a single one, a family, by color...?)
casino night

Used (and wow, is my memory bad):
June 09 - Fruit (D's house, and I didn't even realize that we were doing a repeat....)
April 09 - Remembering Pam; meetings go to bimonthly
February 09 - "Stuffed" (D's house)
January 09 - Cheese (K's house)
December 08 - Cookie swap at Framingham Olive Garden
November 08 - "Massachusetts" (H's house)
October 08 - Starts with (first letter of your name)
September 08 - Fruit
August 08 - Stir-Fry
July 08 - Restaurant - Allora Ristorante in Marlboro
June 08 - BBQ/cookout
May 08 - No theme, just a favorite dish
Apr 08 - Eggs
Mar 08 - Green
Feb 08 - Red/pink
Jan 08 - Sandwiches
Dec 07 - Restaurant - Family-style Italian
Nov 07 - Soup night (and a baby shower for me!)
Oct 07 - Pumpkin, squash, or apple
Sep 07 - Back to school (lunchboxes)
Aug 07 - American Cookout
Jul 07 - Restaurant - Thai
Jun 07 - French
May 07 - Indian
Apr 07 - Pizza
Mar 07 - Irish
Feb 07 - Chocolate
Jan 07 - Alpine
Dec 06 - Cookie swap
Nov 06 - Cuban
Oct 06 ? - Greek
Sep 06 - Farmers Market
Aug 06 - Restaurant - Chef Orient (teppanyaki)
July 06? - Crawfish Boil
Jun 06 - Tapas
May 06 - Fish
Apr 06? Baby Shower Tea
Chinese New Year
Wine Tasting
Restaurant - Union Station
Caribbean - my first meeting

It doesn't seem possible that we've been doing this for so long, but I'm pretty sure it was autumn 2005 when I started going.


FleshyHeadedMutant said...

May I suggest Korean? It's a wonderful and underrated style of food, very clean flavors, very healthy, and very distinct from Chinese and Japanese. My favorite style of ethnic food and fun dishes to learn to prepare.

Be ready to smell funky for several days at a time, though.


FleshyHeadedMutant said...

Ever use a movie for a theme? I am watching Pulp Fiction right now. John Travolta just shot Marvin in the face during the car ride, and I got a sudden hankering for calf brain! (Seriously!)

RJS said...

No, we haven't done that, but it's a cool idea. I'll add it to the list!

(Dave is always after me to make Julia Child's recipe for calves brains in red wine sauce. I keep telling him that he can have it when a) he makes it himself or b) we go to the French Laundry.)