Home - is where I want to be / But I guess I'm already there /I come home -
she lifted up her wings /
Guess that this must be the place...
- Talking Heads, "Naive Melody"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Week 2

When I can't post wordcounts, this is what you get. It's kind of funny, in that I'm reading a lot of people in the blogosphere who are abandoning goal lists for other forms of motivation--maybe with the Fitbit etc., we've hit Peak Metric? I'm a fan of everyone finding systems that work for them. Any map that gets you to your destination is a good one. My lists make me feel warm, so I will continue with them.
  • Research: The Glamour Factory, about the Hollywood studio system. Slow going. No other novel progress to speak of.
  • I've gotten one crit back on Tapestry, and indications that a few of my other readers have started. I'm going to wait until I have at least two sets of responses before I start looking at them. Otherwise I will end up fixating on the first one, rather than looking at them all in a balanced fashion.
  • Other reading: Finished Guilty Pleasures (see previous post). Started re-reading Neverwhere for the first time since it came out. Started reading Invisible Cities.
  • There's a kids' book club starting up at our local library next week. We're going to see if that will inspire our reluctant reader.
  •  Did two story crits for Critters.org, my first in ages, as I generally prefer critting novels.
  • Imposed a draconian regime of Order on the apartment, which will last a couple of days, max. A guy finally came, looked at our oven, and said it would be cheaper to replace than to fix, so we're back to waiting on the landlord. (And waiting.)
  • Gym attendance continues. Today marked my first good run since the holidays.
  • Since January is Finance Month, a halfway point check-in. Without going into all of the gory details: so far, so good. Of course, this tends to be one of those things that goes well for a little while, and then we have to fix the car or something, and the plan collapses. One thing I am doing new this year is a set-aside for travel. The payoff is likely to be be years in the future, but if I don't start, it'll never happen.
  • Went to the MFA with a couple of friends to see the exhibit of Sargent watercolors, which are spectacular, and then went out for dinner. 
I've also been doing the logbook thing. I think I like this. I never make the time for long-form journaling unless I need to work through some kind of a problem, but jotting down a few notes about the day? Totally do-able. So far I'm keeping track of when I get up in the morning, my workouts, reading, cooking, appointments, and overall mood/wellness.

No complaints about 2014 so far. Things are happening, and they are by and large good things. Top goal for next week is to finish at least one of the books I'm reading.

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