Home - is where I want to be / But I guess I'm already there /I come home -
she lifted up her wings /
Guess that this must be the place...
- Talking Heads, "Naive Melody"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vacation Log

15 August: Hot, gorgeous. Spent most of the afternoon on the dock.

16 August: 7 a.m., first waterskiier of the day. 7:50, Lydia in the water. She'll get into the sandy place by herself now.

17 August: 5:30 a.m., the lake is still and misty. Crows calling, loon hollering, squirrel chattering. Perfect day yesterday. After a grocery run, we had lunch. More dock time. JJ took his nap. Lydia colored. I went swimming. Right now, watching a bat fly around outside.

18 August: Yesterday - beach, lunch, dock, JJ's nap, Meredith for a visit to the bakery (Abondante), dinner. Very hot, 90s. Read most of Jhegaala.

19 August: Yesterday I took the kids to the beach while D went to GPC. L will let me hold in the water so she can kick. JJ iffy about water. L got up in the morning and announced that she had a "happy dream" about "a caterpillar that went into a chrysalis." After lunch D took her to the library. I took a swim. JJ napped. More reading. More swimming. Early dinner of leftovers, then Kellerhaus.

(later) Fun Spot a huge hit. L cried when we left. Lunch at the Tamarack - lobster roll for D, grilled cheese for me. He's off doing laundry, me reading and playing with L while JJ naps. Not so hot today.

20 August: Clear - can actually see the mountains this morning - and cooler. Yesterday - leftovers for dinner, and the Rescue of the Float Ring. Also a brief rain shower. Went to Innisfree and bought books, to Oglethorpe and carefully did not buy anything. Nothing sounds like a summer afternoon here. The cicadas rise and fall, the water slaps the shore, a distant boat motor hums, someone shouts. Never quiet silent. Lunch: peasant bread, sliced tomato, mozzaralla balls.

21 August: Foggy morning, cool. Last night kids making me nuts, and my throat sore. Today we have to clean and I want to visit the quilt shop. I am just about vacationed out! :)

(later) Hot, humid, overcast. Thunderstorm around 4. Cleaning all done. Rankin still throwing new characters into every chapter.

22 August: Rain went on most of the night. Went to GPC yesterday for ice cream. Other family got here around 9:30. I don't think there is a square foot here that does not have a spider on it. Finished The Black Book.

23 August: More rain yesterday. Eileen took L out in the kayak, and she got a boat ride for ice cream later. Takeout from Lee Wah's for dinner. Overall, a good vacation. Sun, swimming, relaxation, some work on the book, some reading. I think the kids had a good week, and they've been pretty good, all things considered. This morning we'll pack, tidy up, have an early lunch and get on the road.


Pop Argot said...

Great pics. I'm glad Lee Wah's is on the OK list again. :)

RJS said...

It's still pretty crappy Chinese food - we've been totally spoiled by Nancy Chang's - but no one got sick. :)