Home - is where I want to be / But I guess I'm already there /I come home -
she lifted up her wings /
Guess that this must be the place...
- Talking Heads, "Naive Melody"

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goal Roundup: March

After last month's massive update, not much going on in March other than the creepy-early spring weather that ruled most of the time. T'ain't natural.
  • Things to Do: Not much. Saw some friends. Finished with the skating lessons. Keeping up with Tuesdays with Dorie.

  • Better Me: Still going to the gym, and in fact had my best run in years this week (and I went to yoga that same day). Reading has fallen off the list (again).


  • Writing: Momentum acquired, then lost, then tentatively getting back on stride. On average the FF revision has been going smoothly. I should have about a month left over before Taos to work on Go. Inner peace wobbly.

  • Job Stuff: Still nothing on Scrum training. :( No job openings to apply for.
  • Birthday Observance: March is a light month for my circle.

  • Household Stuff: Got a couple of new chairs. Got myself some new clothes.
 Pretty good, overall.


mireia badia said...

You've been pretty good this month! hahaha

Rebecca said...

Thanks! Thanks for stopping by. :)