Home - is where I want to be / But I guess I'm already there /I come home -
she lifted up her wings /
Guess that this must be the place...
- Talking Heads, "Naive Melody"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 Goals in Review

At some point in the past I stopped making "resolutions" and settled on "goals" instead. Somehow things seem more achievable that way. But since we are well into December now and I am unlikely to accomplish anything on this that I haven't already, a quick review seems in order.

My goals were divided into a few areas:
  • Financial--Save more money and pay off two of the credit cards. The latter we actually managed to do; the former has been haphazard, something to work on if we're going to buy a house next year.
  • Weight/Fitness--Lost the baby weight and then some, though that's largely to JJ's account, not anything that I've been doing actively. Found a local yoga class and attended semi-regularly throughout the year. I did not, however, manage to get any other sort of workout back into my routine, which I will have to do if I don't want to gain a lot back once the baby's weaned. The big challenge is finding some time....
  • Food--A mixed bag of accomplishment. I totally failed to reduce our grocery spending, though I like to think that's not entirely my fault, since prices have gone up on just about everything.

    I have done pretty well on including vegetarian recipes in our meal planning, terribly on adding more fish (expensive, and guilt-inducing what with every kind of attendant environmental problem), and so-so on adding more soups to my repertoire.

    I did not manage to fit a cake-decorating course into the year as I had hoped to do, so that stay's on next year's list. I did well on the "three new recipes a week" goal early in the year, but as the months wore on this fell by the wayside.

    I did well making use of local resources in the form of the farmer's market, the butcher shop, the local organic foods store, though the latter two were expensive enough to conflict with other goals.
  • Stuff--In the realm of material things, I was supposed to reduce my wish list by actually buying things off it, something I did spottily. Did better getting rid of stuff--many boxes of outgrown children's clothes and so forth were ferried to charity drop-offs over the year. We finally threw out some broken things that were taking up space, and we replaced the car, which was of course a major item.
  • Creative--I finished the Spelljammer campaign at long last. I did not get around to making a dent in the old tapes that are hanging around waiting to be looked at, though.
Overall, I think I'm going to have to give myself a C. If I have the following holdovers next year, and the house, that will be more than enough to keep me feeling like I'm not getting enough done....

2009 Goals:
  • Save out of every paycheck
  • Start lifting weights
  • Continue yoga
  • Take a cake decorating course
  • Try 3 new recipes a week, and track/organize them
  • Transcribe those old game tapes
  • Get rid of the futon, old computer stuff
  • Replace the couch

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